The BV206 is a PCB that holds a Bluetooth module, based on the CSR BC417 module that provides a very low cost Bluetooth solution. The PCB configuration allows both Slave and Master modes.

[Data Sheet] Hardware description and pin outs
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Data Sheets
[Hardware:] This data sheet contains the module hardware.

[AT Commands:] This contains the AT command set.

Articles Article Using the BV206 with the BV5xx Microcontrollers and BV-Basic

AT Commands

To access the AT commands connect a serial device BV206 TX to serial device RX and BV206 RX to serial device TX. When connecting the power 3.3V make sure that the 'm' pin is held high. If successful then the LED will flash slowly, this indicates that the AT commands can be accessed.
Shorting m.jpg
This shows how tweezers can be used to temporarily tie 'm' to 3.3V before connecting the 3.3V supply, the white wire in this case. Once powered up the the short can be removed as this is only checked by the module at start up.

Set the terminal to 38400 Baud and on the serial device type 'at' and enter. This should produce a constant stream of AT that can be stopped by pressing enter.