Type A, Infrared, Binary, USB and I2C interface

Type B, I2C and Binary interface

This device contains 8 single pole double throw (SPDT) relays that can be operated in no less then FOUR ways. The actual attached relays are capable of switching 10A @24VDC and 10A @250VAC. Each relay can be instantly switched on or off or commanded to switch at a set time of up to 1.3 hours (USB, I2C only).
The product comes in two versions, version A with I2C, IR, USB and Binary interface and product B with I2C and binary interface only.


  • Current version PCB BV4627_e
  • New version PCB BV4627_f April 2013 Enhanced tracks and better spacing and thicker copper but the layout is essentially the same


The latest library and example is [here]. This is for the I2C interface with an address of 0x32 by default. It has been tested with the UNO using 5k6 pull up resistors.

Thanks to Alex for providing an [updated Arduino] library ** This is based on version 0.22 **

Raspberry Pi

Check out this link to, an excellent web site for using bash script programming with the RP1. Full instructions on how to get this device working using bash.

The relay can work with the PRi through the I2C interface but does need 5V from the 5V supply. Also the PRi cannot supply enough current to activate all of the relays at once and so if this is required then an external power supply (5V) will be needed.

RPI    BV4627 I2C interface
5V     +V
GND    G

Simple I2C

On the Pi create a directory and do the following:



This will turn all of the relays on and off in turn.


Bv4627 e massive.jpg

Bv4627 f massive.jpg