The remote link is an interface to the low cost TX / RX modules available. The on board microcontroller will take care of reading the attached transducer, constructing and assembling the packets and presenting them to the hosts system. This considerably frees up system resources.

Two PCB's are available for self assembly. RL01 is a PCB that will do both TX and RX depending on which components are fitted and the RL02 Transmitter PCB that has an on board voltage doubler for increased range. Both circuits work from 4 x AA or AAA cells giving 6 Volts.

[User Guide] The user guide contains all of the build and user instructions for the RL01 and RL02 devices
PCB & Schematic [RL01] This is the PCB design and schematic for the RL01

[RL02] This is the PCB design and schematic for the RL02

Software Coming shortly


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