Raspberry Pi

This is a cross reference to other articles that may relate to the RPi and also has articles that are specific to the RPi. Note see the individual product information as there may be details in there of using the device with the Raspberry Pi. Only a small example subset has been shown here.

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The following devices have been tested with the Raspberry Pi and also have some Python software as an example.

  • BV212 - Multi-purpose I/O with relays specifically for the RPi
  • BV4111 - Serial relay controller and timer for up to 8 relays tested on RPi
  • BV4112 - Serial microstepping and DC motor controller tested on RPi
  • BV4205 - I2C ADC
  • BV4206 - I2C General Purpose I/O
  • BV4208 - I2C LCD Display Driver
  • BV4613 - I2C Interface of the BV4613 192x64 Graphics display
  • BV4626 - Multi I/O and relays
  • BV4618 - Serial & I2C LCD display controller with keypad interface

The following will not work with the I2C interface

  • BV4513 - LED 7 Segment Display - The I2C interface will not work but the serial interface will. This device has now been replaced with the BV4614.